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At the Bikepark and trails in the Kitzbühel Alps you will find the ideal training ground for all skill levels. In the terrain right behind the hotel, there are weekly skill trainings for kids, but also pros like the Osl sisters find their perfect training terrain here.

* Lisi-Osl-Trail:

Difference in altitude: 413 m; Length: 2.25 km; average duration: 20 min.

The route intuitively follows the natural conditions. It is not only manageable for downhill cracks but also for single trail beginners.

* Wiegalm – Trail:

Difference in altitude: 300 m; Length: 1.6 km; average duration: 15 min.

From Kirchberg towards Brixen. follow the bike lane to Wiegalm. Riding down the valley, follow the sign “Singletrail” to Aschau. Along the Aschauer Ache river follow the way back to Kirchberg.

* Fleckalm – Trail:

Difference in altitude: 1,000 m; Length: 7 km; average duration: 40 min.

This is Tirol’s longest single trail. Make an easy ascent to Fleckalm trail by using the Fleckalmbahn cable car: For the first time in 2012, the Fleckalm trail was part of the KitzAlpBike marathon. It gives true significance to the race: the Fleckalm trail ends directly at the hotel.